IFGA INSHORE World Championships 2010


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IGFA Inshore World Championship set for July 13-15, 2010

June 15, 2010:  ISLAMORADA, FL - - Renowned as the Sportfishing Capital of the World, Islamorada is set to host the "best of the best" during the 2010 Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship. Scheduled Tuesday through Thursday, July 13-15, the tournament offers qualified male and female anglers the opportunity to target multiple species in the waters surrounding Islamorada.


The FKO/IGFA Inshore World Championship brings the winners of IGFA qualifying tournaments from around the world to compete by angling for the world's choicest selection of inshore sport fish: bonefish, tarpon, permit, snook and redfish.


Two distinct competitive styles highlight the two-day challenge -- fly and light tackle --with up to 20 anglers allowed in each division. Awards will be presented to the Inshore Light Tackle World Champion and the Inshore Fly Fishing World Champion.


According to Sandy Moret, the tournament's director, anglers and guides will be paired for all three days of competition. At the kickoff, each angler will draw the name of his or her guide/teammate.


"The results weigh more heavily on the individual anglers' skills," Moret said of the tournament-long pairing. "Additionally, teams should be able to develop a rhythm and work more effectively together without having to start from square one each day."


To be invited to participate, anglers must have won one of 40 inshore qualifying tournaments held during 2009 in the U.S., Bahamas, Belize, Australia, Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden.


Participating Florida Keys fly anglers include Robert Collins, Mark Richens and Sue Moret, who are set to join Sam Kaufman, Charles Duncan III, Thomas Reckling, Kathryn Hoar, Heidi Nute, Brower Moffitt, Jim Bouma, Carlos Duncan, Sandi Bishop and Baker Bishop.


Among the field of light-tackle division anglers are tournament veteran Troy Pruitt, Sweden's Nils Zackrisson, Betsy Bullard of Tavernier, Fla., and Jake Turek, Aledia Hunt Tush, Chip Stringer, Roger Fernandez, Molly Fleming, Joe Viar, Michael De Freitas, Laura Marshall, Joey Marzucco, Peter Politis, Derrick Pruitt and Mark Richards.

This year's sponsors include SterlingForever.com, online purveyor of sterling silver jewelry and known for their stunning sterling silver rings. They created the first prize: exclusive sterling silver rings for each category, made with the FKO/IGFA Inshore World Championship logo engraved on the face.



2010 World Championship Tournament

July 13, 14 & 15, 2010

Tournament Update for the Anglers, June 2010

Less than a month to go until the 2010 Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championships take place! We’re all set for fishing on July 13, 14 & 15!

27 anglers and guides will be seeking the titles of Fly Fishing World Champion or Light Tackle World Champion over three days in this multispecies special event. Anglers from the US, Turks & Caicos, Sweden and Australia are coming to compete in the Florida Keys fishing for bonefish, tarpon, snook, redfish and permit. All participants have won qualifying events or competitions to validate their ability and we will be hosting some of the most highly skilled international inshore anglers anywhere on the water!

A full social program & super awards are lined up for this to be a great tournament.  ESPN Outdoors Saltwater Series will be on hand to feature the event on their website.

Regarding an issue foremost in everyone’s mind, we in the Keys are feeling deep empathy for and sharing the anguish our friends and fellow anglers are experiencing in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. The reality of a potential problem for coastal Florida has everyone sensing increased anxiety with the overload of repetitive network sensationalism.  While the situation is horrific, I urge you to use NOAA as a reliable source for your information of the current situation. NOAA’s site allows you to see accurate locations of where oil is located at what density and where it is projected to go. It shows the vast areas in the Gulf open to fishing which include all of the waters of the State of Florida.

Keys’ fishing is beyond good right now and there appears to be no immediate threat to the Florida Keys natural resource. We are of course concerned over the long term for everyone on the coasts.

Having said all of that, we plan to have a great tournament & look forward to seeing you soon.View all qualifying events for the 2011 World Championships.

Sandy Moret, Chairman



Tournament Concept


IGFA regulations and many historically cherished angling traditions maintain a clear cut difference between two very uniquely different forms of sport of fishing; conventional light tackle angling and fly fishing. The 2008 book of IGFA World Record Game Fishes contains an almost equal number of light tackle (10kg / 22 lbs test or less) and fly rod world records,

The basic premise in all conventional light tackle angling is that the weight of the bait or lure takes the line from the reel. The basic premise of fly fishing is that the weight of the fly line pulls the fly through the air. Their angling similarity primarily ends therein except that they share the same playing field.

In order to recognize the difference of skills, technique and expertise required to be a master of either sport, the 2009 Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore Championship will recognize and award equally coveted awards to the World Champion Light Tackle Angler and the World Champion Fly Fishing Angler.

The tournament will be limited to 20 fly fishing anglers and 20 light tackle anglers. 20 of the Keys finest fly fishing guides and 20 of the Keys finest light tackle guides will be offered the opportunity to participate in their respective divisions.

We have established a Guides Committee to assure the abilities of each guide participating and to insure a very even playing field. At the kick off, anglers will draw his or her guide/team mate for the following three days. Anglers and guides need not rotate, because variance in range of guide ability in each division will be very narrow. The results will weigh more heavily on the individual anglers skills than in the past. Additionally, teams should be able to develop a rhythm and work more effectively together without having to start from square one each day.

I believe this new format will create a fair, fun & exciting high competition and I look forward to seeing so many anglers and guides come together utilizing unique angling styles and your "best of the best" natural skills and abilities.


Sandy Moret


Tournament Rules


1. IGFA's "International Angling Rules" and "Rules for Flyfishing" apply and are incorporated herein as a part of these rules. See copy of the IGFA Rule Book included in angler's tournament bag. Accordingly, all participants must abide by and all catches must comply with state and federal regulations.

2. Participating anglers have entered this event by qualifying from a Light Tackle Tournament or a Fly Fishing Tournament. Accordingly at the kick off anglers will draw for their guide for either The Light Tackle World Championship or Fly Fishing World Championship based on their qualifying event designation and invitation. Anglers will fish with this guide each day during the tournament.

3. Anglers must sign out prior to departing the dock in the morning no earlier than 6:30 am on the first day and no earlier than 6:00 am on the second and third day. Anglers must turn in their daily score sheet signed by both the angler and the guide, no later than 4:30 pm, whether points are scored or not. Failure to sign out in the morning or turn in a score sheet will result in a 300 point penalty. If an angler chooses not to fish a particular day for any reason, the angler must notify the tournament committee by 7 am.

4. Eligible species for scoring are: Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook and Redfish with a limit of three (3) fish per species per angler per day.

5. Fishing hours: Lines in 7 am - Lines out 3 pm. A fish hooked prior to 3:00 p.m. may be fought to conclusion and entered regardless of the time so long as the score sheet is turned in by 4:30 pm. No points will be awarded for any score sheet turned in later than 4:30 pm.

6. Fishing area: All boats must leave from and return to World Wide Sportsman docks. Fishing area is unlimited, but restricted to depths of water where a push pole may be used according to commonly accepted customs and practices. Fishing in man-made canals outside the boundaries of Everglades National Park or in Buttonwood Canal is prohibited. Angler may wade from the boat to fish. Fishing in no motor zones within Everglades National Park will result in disqualification of day's points.

7. Boats & Trailers: Except when wading, anglers must fish from his or her guide's boat and must fish in the boat that was used when departing the dock. The rules committee may make exception for mechanical difficulties. Guides may not use boat trailers after signing out in the morning until the daily score sheet is turned in to tournament committee.

8. The use of trolling motors is prohibited and shall not be allowed on any boat used in the tournament.

9. Light Tackle Championship Tackle: Tackle, lines and leaders must comply with Rule 1 above. Catches may be entered using fly, artificial lures or bait. Only one rod is allowed in the water at any time. Angler must cast and retrieve his/her own tackle. Maximum test line/tippet is 6 kg a/k/a 13.2 pound test for each category. (Manufacturer's stated test on label) A fish caught using any manufactured bait, fly or lure that is made for, dipped in, sprayed on, advertised, or otherwise intended to induce strikes through scent or smell by chemical or natural components, additions or ingredients may be entered for points in the bait category and not the artificial category.

10. Fly Fishing Championship Tackle: Tackle, lines and leaders must comply with Rule 1 above. Catches may be entered using only fly tackle only. Only one handed rods and single action reels, designed specifically for fly fishing may be used. The rod must conform to generally accepted fly fishing customs and practices and must be longer than 6 feet. Only one rod is allowed in the water at any time. Angler must cast and retrieve his/her own tackle. Maximum test line/tippet is 6 kg a/k/a 13.2 pound test for each category. (Manufacturer's stated test on label) A fish caught using any manufactured fly that is made for, dipped in, sprayed on, advertised, or otherwise intended to induce strikes through scent or smell by chemical or natural components, additions or ingredients may not be entered for points.

11. Chumming is prohibited except for catching bait. Fishing is not allowed in the area influenced by the chum used to catch bait.

12. Official Catch: A fish is considered caught when the guide or angler measures and releases the fish. Measuring devices will be in the guide's and angler's bags. Every effort must be made to remove the hook/lure and ensure a live release. Exception: Tarpon are considered caught when guide touches the leader. The boat must be out of gear when the guide touches the leader for release.

13. Scoring: Score sheets must be filled out at time of catch. Species, division and time of catch must be recorded. All anglers and guides must sign score sheets for each day of fishing. Anglers using non-offset circle hooks within the bait division only will receive 25 bonus points per legal fish scored.

14. This is a 100% release tournament. The sole exception is a potential IGFA world record, weighed then released.

Minimum Length by Species:

Bonefish Tarpon Permit Snook Redfish
18" 36" 18" 24" 18"

(Bonefish, tarpon and permit measure to fork)
(Snook and redfish measure overall)

Light Tackle Championship Points awarded by species & tackle as follows:

  Bonefish Tarpon Permit Snook Redfish
Artificial 150 150 250 100 100
Bait 100 100 150 50 50
Fly 200 200 300 150 125


Fly Fishing Championship Points awarded by species as follows:



  Bonefish Tarpon Permit Snook Redfish
Fly 200 200 300 150 125


The Light Tackle World Champion will be the angler entered for that championship who has accumulated the most slams or portions thereof. In the event of a tie for most slams, the most points will prevail. In the event of a tie with most slams or portions thereof and points, the last fish caught first will prevail. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place anglers & guides will receive trophies.

The Fly Fishing World Champion will be the angler entered for that championship who has accumulated the most slams or portions thereof. In the event of a tie for most slams or portions thereof, the most points will prevail. In the event of a tie with most slams and points, the last fish caught first will prevail. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place anglers & guides will receive trophies.

Rules Committee: Mike Myatt, Rusty Albury, Sandy Moret, Jason Schratwieser All decisions of the rules committee are final. Protests must be in writing before 5:00 pm the day of incident

Guides Committee: Capt. Rusty Albury, Capt. Dave Denkert, Capt. Andy Thompson




To the Anglers,

The FKO/IGFA Inshore World Championship is pleased to host the finest saltwater light tackle and fly anglers in the world in Islamorada, FL.  You are the "best of the best".

We heartily encourage each participant to submit a brief bio along with an image and the qualifying event won.  Your information will be added to the respective division along with other same category participants.  Please review the bios of the 2010 anglers and learn more about the participants in the 2010 World Championship event.

Qualifying event winners, you have already received your invitation for the 2010 World Championship, if you haven't registered please do so today.   



2010 Fly Anglers


Heidi Nute- Women's Fall Fly Classic, Islamorada

Heidi began fly fishing five years ago in the rivers and streams near her house in the Catskill Mountains. Shortly after moving to Miami Beach in 2006, she and her husband went through the Florida Keys Fly Fishing School, where her instructor was Chico Fernandez and she continued to take casting lessons from him quite regularly. While she enjoys chasing native brook trout in cold mountain feeder streams, the hunt for giant tarpon in the Keys and the Everglades is her true passion in the sport.

Hopelessly addicted, Heidi now fishes over 100 days a year. Her rod and reel have taken her to Belize, Labrador, the Yucatan, Patagonia, the Bahamas, Southern Louisiana, and Brazil.

Heidi attributes her success in fly fishing to the world-class guides that she is lucky enough to fish with regularly. “This game is well over half on the shoulders of my guide. All I have to worry about is the last 40 feet.” An avid home chef, Heidi remarks, “If you can get me a spot at Mystery Key when the big ones are moving through, I promise I’ll make the best lunch you’ve ever had on your boat!”  2009 was a great year for Heidi, winning the Women’s Fall Fly Classic and catching her personnel best with Steve Huff/Snook; Rob Fordyce/Tarpon and Bouncer Smith/Sailfish.

Heidi is married to fellow fly angler Paul and her household is starting to look like a small zoo.


Kathryn Hoar - Ladies Fly Tournament, Islamorada

Kathryn was born and raised in Hanover PA where she operates the Sheppard Mansion, a full service luxury Inn & Restaurant, which is also the home where she was born. She & her husband Oliver have two boys Dawson (4) and Malcolm (1 ½) plus four Jack Russell Terriers……and all of them (including the 4 legged kids) love to fish!

Kathy began fishing for bass, croppie & sunfish in the lake behind her parent’s house with a mighty Fenwick fly rod at 5 or 6 years of age…..but didn’t get “serious” about it until going to Sandy’s Florida Keys Fly Fishing School with my then boyfriend (now husband) Oliver in Feb 2001.  Also went salmon fishing with my dad twice, on the Miramichi and on the Bonaventure. 

The Florida Keys Fly Fishing School helped a lot, plus spending lots of bow time with Oliver.  Literally, the first time I fed a tarpon, I knew I was the one who was hooked. Quite the adrenaline rush!  I love fishing for snook & reds in the ‘Glades too…..the scenery is amazing.  Now we get to share this love of fishing & outdoors with the boys, which is really rewarding. Dawson’s got his Shakespeare “Lightning McQueen” rod, knows how to cast, and is quite the Bass Man for a four year old! Of course it only lasts 15-20 minutes, but we’re working on it!

Kathy fished in the 2006 - 2009 Ladies Fly Tournament and was Grand Champion in 2007 and 2009, as well as 1st runner up in 2008.  She also enjoys growing veggies in her garden & running after kids...


Thomas Reckling - Tres Pescado Slam, Belize

Thomas Reckling, 42, was born and raised in Houston, TX. He is the father of 6 kids, 3 boys-3 girls - and the husband of Michelle who is an incredibly understanding wife.

He spends the majority of his fishing days in the Galveston bay complex with a few days fishing the middle and lower coast of Texas. When he has the opportunity to travel it is typically to Mexico or Belize.

Thomas says “He feels honored for the opportunity to fish in the Inshore World Championships. This is a once in a lifetime event for me since I am not a true tournament angler. I am looking forward to meeting all of the guys I read about in the magazines. My fishing partner, Mark Elliott and I won the Tres Pescado Slam Tournament which was operated by Jim Oliver at Ambergris Caye. It was so much fun we declared the tournament a success half way through the first day of fishing. Jim put on a great tournament. Mark who was my partner and my fishing mate for the past 25 years, died suddenly in October. He was supposed to make this trip to the World Championships and I am fishing in his honor. It was our first and only fly fishing tournament. I am going back to defend at the Tres Pescado Mark Elliott’s brother, Charlie.”


Robert Collins - IGFA Inshore World Champion, 2005, 2007, 2008 

Robert grew up in South Miami, then lived in Naples for 25 years and now resides in Islamorada. During 30 years of business endeavors he has been an accountant, Marina Manager and a Fishing Guide. Robert and his wife Chrisse have been married for 17 years and each have grown sons from a previous marriage.

Robert's dad first took him to Flamingo at the age of 6 where they anchored in Snake Bight Channel and caught about 10 different species of fish. Robert said "I was hooked at that point and we fished Flamingo a couple of days a month until the time I moved to Naples. His dad was a member of the Tropical Anglers sport fishing club in Miami and he learned an incredible amount from him and the other club members at a very young age." Robert has also fished extensively on the West side of Everglades National Park for nearly 30 years, including a 14 year stint as a guide out of Chokoloskee.

Robert confesses that he doesn't really have a favorite species and is happy fishing for anything, whether with spin or fly, inshore, offshore, or catching bait. He enjoys any reason to be out on the water. He says about tournament fishing, "I love the preparation, analyzing conditions, scouting, experimenting with different tackle and techniques, and just plain old practice."

He has been fishing inshore and offshore tournaments for 18 years, winning over 90 awards as either Angler or Captain. Robert has fished all 8 previous IGFA Inshore World Championships and the last 2 IGFA Offshore World Championships. Additionally he fishes in 12-15 tournaments a year. He is a member of IGFA and became an IGFA Certified Observer in 2006.

Robert's many angling accomplishments include being on the Collier County Redsnook, Spin/Plug Champion Team and Fly Champion Team in 2004 He was Redbone Series Grand Champion in 2002 and won the S.L.A.M. Grand Champion in that year. Robert was S.L.A.M Team Grand Champion in 2005 and BayBone Grand Champion in 2004, Team Grand Champion 2005.

He was The Herman Lucerne Grand Champion in 2004 and Unguided Team Grand Champion in 2006 and Backcountry Fly Championship Runner Up Grand Champion in 2009. Robert also was Backbone Lures One Jig Team Grand Champion in 2002, 2003 and 2004 as well as Unguided Grand Champion in 2004and 2006. He was Fly Division Champion in 2008 and Islamorada Spring All Tackle Bonefish Grand Champion 2006

On top of those titles, Robert was I.G.F.A. Inshore World Champion 2005, 2007, 2008. He is the only angler in tournament history to double slam all 5 species, once in 2005 and again in 2007. 



Mark Richens - Islamorada Fall Bonefish Fly Tournament, 1st Runner Up

Mark Richens, 38, was born in Wales, raised in England and now resides in the Bahamas with his partner Pippa and their two young children, Molly (6) and Jed (4).  During hurricane season, Mark heads north to his Atlantic salmon fishing lodge, Camp Brule, on the Gaspe peninsular of Quebec. 

A lifelong fisherman, Mark spent his childhood fishing the rivers and ponds of England. In the mid-nineties Mark founded a London based, marketing agency for the technology industry.  When, in 2000, Mark sold his agency a few weeks before the technology crash he decided his luck was in and thus it was time to go fishing.  A decade later he is still fishing.

A chance visit to the Keys, arranged by Pippa, introduced Mark to saltwater flyfishing and to Islamorada, a place he now views as the historical and cultural centre of the sport and where he has subsequently purchased a vacation home.  

Mark is inspired by and grateful to all the guides and anglers who pioneered and developed the team sport of saltwater flyfishing and quick to acknowledge the many individuals who have directly helped him improve as a saltwater angler. Most recently Capt. Mark Cockerham of Islamorada has been a huge influence. Mark views Cockerham as the best all round inshore angler he has ever met and is honored to fish competitively with him in the Keys bonefish tournaments. 

Above all Mark is thankful for the influence of his father, John Richens. “My father always made the time to be outdoors with my brothers and I.  He made sure that each fishing trip was not just about catching fish but about developing an appreciation for nature, striving to do something well and persevering even under poor conditions”.  

Mark tries to remember this when he takes his own children fishing and Mark’s most memorable fishing achievement was guiding them to their first ever bonefish, a ‘slob’, just before the sunset beyond his favorite flat, “The Swash”.


Sam Kaufman- Golden Fly 2nd Runner Up, Islamorada


Sam Kaufman was born in Colorado and lives in Evergreen where he is happily married to Mindy his wife of 26 years. They have 2 daughters Lindsay, 23 and Melissa, 20. Sam owns Kaufman's Tall and Big Men’s Shop in Denver and has been involved in the retail business all of his life Due in part to his love of fishing and for the Florida Keys, the Kaufmans bought a home in Marathon 7 years ago where they are part time residents.

Sam’s dad's hobby was running fishing trips all over the world and this sparked Sam’s love for fishing. Achieving global experience, he has fished the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica, England, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and all over the continental USA.

He loves fly fishing for Tarpon and spends over 50 days a year chasing Megalops Atlanticus. The rest of the year he fishes anything else that swims in fresh or salt water always dreaming of his next tarpon trip. Sam has a deep appreciation for angling and actively participates in preserving our fishing waters for future generations.

Sam's angling highlights include blue marlin on fly off Costa Rica, active support and participation in the Redbone Tournaments in which he focuses on the fly division, including the Superfly Events, The S.L.A.M., Baybone and Redbone. He is on the board of the Rocky Mountain Redbone at Large Fishing Tournament in Aspen, Co. and has placed in the top 5 three of the last four years. Sam also fished in the 2008 and 2009 Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament catching the largest tarpon and taking second runner-up honors in 2009. During that summer he also caught a grand slam on his 50th birthday trip to Belize.

2010 plans include fishing in the Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament and the Don Hawley Tarpon Tournament.  Besides fishing Sam also enjoys hunting, snowshoeing, diving and listening to live music.



2010 Light Tackle Anglers

Troy Pruitt

Gene Doyle Memorial, Naples FL

Troy Pruitt was born and raised in Naples, Fl where he currently lives with his wife of 9 years, Kristin, and two daughters, Karlie (6) and Kendra (3). Troy has been in the pool service and repair business since 1991 owning and operating Anglers Pool Service, Inc.  Troy’s business name remarkably reflects his true, deep passion for fishing which he has had since he was able to hold a fishing rod and reel. In fact, his parents said, “they knew Troy was obsessed when, at the age of 2, he was walking down the Naples beach with a rotten, stinky ladyfish which he had found attached to a piece of mono!” 

Troy doesn't have a favorite species to catch and is very content as long as he is fishing, whether it is inshore or offshore.  He especially loves tournament fishing when everything he has learned on the water must be compiled into performance for 1-2 days when it really counts.

Troy’s list of tournament accomplishments is not only long, but very impressive as well. He was Grand Champion of both the Gene Doyle Backcountry Release Fishing Tournament and the Mercury S.L.A.M. Tournament for the past three consecutive years. Troy was Grand Champion of the Redbone Series in 2006, Redbone in 2005 and the Baybone in 2006 as well as runner up in 2009. He was Collier County Redsnook Grand Champion in 1998 and IFR Redfish Tour Open Division winner in Goodland 2003. Troy has placed high and won countless more division awards and titles in tournaments over the past decade. He will be an angler to contend with this July.

When he is not fishing, Troy enjoys spending time with his family and attends First Baptist Church of Naples regularly.



Nils Zackrisson

Pike Challenge Winner, Sweden

Nils Zackrisson is a passionate 28 year old angler born in a small country side village in Sweden. He received his first fishing rod and reel at the age of 7. His favorite quarry includes Northern Pike, Perch, Chub, Carp and Zander using jerk baits as well as fly fishing for Cyprinids. Some of his most memorable fishing experiences were bonefishing in Los Roques and saltwater fishing in Tobago. His angling dreams include carp fishing in Romania and big game fishing at Madeira.

He also enjoys hunting, classic automobiles and his fishing team; El-Ge Sportfiske.  Nils family includes his fiancé, Elizabeth, two dogs, a cat, so far.



Betsy Bullard

Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry

Betsy was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and started fishing with her Father in the Chesapeake Bay as soon as she could hold a fishing rod. She says “As I grew, so did my love for fishing.  I would fish for anything that swam! My entire life has been about finding another fishing experience!”

She finally made it to the Keys in 2004 to live and fish. When asked what her favorite fish to go after? She still takes a while to answer: “I guess I have to say whatever fish is on the agenda for today!  Betsy is very active in the International Woman’s Fishing Association.



Aledia Hunt Tush

Sarasota Sportfishing Angler's Club Tarpon Tournament, Sarasota, FL

Aledia was born and raised in Grundy, VA.  She graduated from Morehead State Univ. in KY in 1975 where she met her husband, Lee.  In the fall of 1976, they ventured to Sarasota, FL. to own and operate CB’s Saltwater Outfitters on Siesta Key. That is when Aledia found her fishing passion, tarpon is her favorite but she loves all saltwater fishing!

Mason, Aledia and Lee’s son, is now active in operating CB’s after graduating from University of Florida.  Aledia is active in CCA, Sarasota Sportfishing Angler's Club Tarpon Tournament, Siesta Key Chamber of Commerce, SCVB, First Christian Church and the International Women's Fishing Association.  Aledia was 2009 Winner of Sarasota Sportfishing Angler's Club Tarpon Tournament, she also won the tournament in 1999.


Chip Stringer

Redbone Redtrout Savannah Celebrity Classic

Chip grew up in Savannah, GA hunting and fishing the coastal areas of Georgia, Northeast Florida, and South Carolina.  He currently lives in Savannah with his wife, Margie and their 4 year old son, William who is already an avid fisherman.  Chip is a Colon and Rectal Surgeon by profession.

He enjoys chasing trout and reds in his home waters as well as bonefishing in the Bahamas.  Chip was Grand Champion Angler for the Savannah Red-Trout Celebrity classic in 2009, Runner-up Grand Champion Angler in 2007 and part of the Team Grand Champions in 2007.  He also fishes other local tournaments.  



Molly Fleming

IWFA Islamorada Light Tackle Tournament, Islamorada, FL

Molly Fleming was born in Florida and grew up on Palm Beach Shores where she currently lives. She has been active in the International Women’s Fishing Association from the time she was 15 years old (1972) and has always loved to fish for pretty much anything.  Molly loves tournament fishing because of the competition and she is also a long time member of The West Palm Beach Fishing Club. Whe has won several tournaments through IWFA and the WPBFC as well as other awards from different clubs. Molly says, “I love to fish in Islamorada and my other favorite place is Tropic Star Lodge in Panama, I have been fishing there for about 20 years. Fishing is such a good Brain Break and I am happiest when I am fishing!”


Joe Viar

Mercury Redbone, Islamorada, FL

Joe Viar grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia and a picture of four year old Joe, with a cane pole and microscopic blue gill, caught from Lynchburg College Lake is the first evidence of his angling prowess. Joe lives on the Potomac River in Alexandria across from Washington, D.C., Joe, his partner, Bonnie Christ, and his grandchildren fish from his dock using stinky clam snouts for big catfish.

Graduating from Hampden-Sydney College in 1963, he returned to his hometown and lucked into a job in the computer field.  Following the technology, he changed jobs and towns five times over the next 13 years, until he formed his own company in 1976. In 1991 he sold it – to fish and to do charity work for his college and numerous other organizations; but his passion is as the Chairman of the Alexandria Hospital Foundation!  Joe is primarily a fly angler with a passion for tiny native Brook Trout in the mountains of Virginia, to large trout in Slovenia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Canada, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Salt water fly fishing includes the Chesapeake Bay, Christmas Island, the Seychelles, Mexico, Belize, and the Florida Keys. 

The Redbone Trilogy consisting of The SLAM, Baybone and Redbone are team events. He fishes them with his Fishing and Life partner, Bonnie Christ.  They fish bait or use lures in these events because of the difficulty of sharing the bow with fly rods.  Joe and Bonnie have won Team Grand Champion Angler in the 1998 SLAM, 2001 Baybone, the 2003 Redbone, 2006 Redbone and the 2008 BayBone.  They were runner-ups in the 2002 Baybone and the 2004 SLAM. 

Each Redbone Trilogy Tournament starts with The Superfly which is a one day, single angler, single fly pattern, fly fishing only event. In 1998 Joe was the only angler in the history of the Superfly to “sweep” all three events in a single year.  Bonnie is the only woman to ever win the Redbone Grand Champion Angler as she did in 2003. She was Redbone Lady Grand Champion in 2006 and has twice fished the IGFA Inshore World Championship.

Jake Turek

Redghost Stalk, Islamorada, FL

Jake Turek grew up fishing the flats and offshore waters of the Florida Keys.



Barry Shevlin

Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry Tournament, Key Largo Florida

Barry Shevlin is an attorney practicing law in the Miami area for almost 25 years. He is affiliated with the IGFA and sits on their fund raising committee. 

Barry began fishing at age 3 when he fish caught a porkfish at the Miami Beach Coast Guard Base. He bought his first boat when he was 12 and always fished offshore believing flats were nothing more than navigational hazards. In 1999, he was invited to go sight fishing with a friend and I immediately became hooked on the flats. From that point forward, Barry spent a lot of time learning how to pursue the inshore species and develop my sight casting skills. 

Barry won the One Jig Tournament, Backbone Inshore Tournament and been both MET Master Angler and MET Offshore Master Angler. He was Top Overall Angler in the Gene Doyle Fishing Tournament and has won various divisions of The Yamaha Billfish Tournament and The Bob Lewis Billfish Tournament. He comes to us as the winner of the Lucerne-Grossman Memorial Tournament with a long and solid tournament record. 

He also enjoys scuba diving, spearfishing, golf and teaching his boys how to fish and dive.

Michael De Freitas

Trinidad Tarpon Thunder Tournament, Trinidad/Tobago

Peter Politis

Northern Territory Baramundi Classic, Northern Territory Aus.

Derrick Pruitt

Red/Snook Catch and Release, Naples FL

Mark Richards

RedboneRedtrout Lowcountry Celebrity, Charleston SC

Roger Fernandez

Herman Lucerne Memorial Backcountry, Everglades National Park, FL





Revised Dates set for Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, July 12, 13 & 14, 2011

35 sanctioned Qualifying Events tournaments took place during 2010 in the US, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Sweden and Belize. Winners have been invited to compete for the coveted title of Fly Fishing Inshore World Champion or Light Tackle Inshore World Champion

That so many talented anglers and guides from such diverse angling backgrounds come together bode well for fun and competitive championships. We are truly blessed to have this unique venue of the Florida Keys and contiguous Everglades ecosystem which offers some of the most prized and sought after inshore game fish on our watery planet; bonefish, redfish, snook, permit and tarpon.

Over many decades I have often heard anglers or guides deny having any competitive emotions when it comes to fishing.  Frankly, I just don’t buy that that one! I think every angler enjoys the feeling of making a noteworthy catch within a structured set of handicaps. If I make a catch judged by peers as special, I sure do shine and hope you do too!

I am thankful to the International Game Fish Association for providing that structure through its International Rules of Angling. It’s those rules that make how we fish the sport that it is, for without rules how could there be a sport and how could we recognize excellence in angling?

I wish you all, many shining moments!

Sandy Moret



Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship will not be accepting qualifying events in 2011 for a tournament in 2012.

Invitations have been sent, sponsors are supportive and we plan on presenting a fantastic Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship event during July of 2011, however; we will not be accepting qualifying events in 2011 for a tournament in 2012.

In 2008 all of us at Florida Keys Outfitters were delighted over the opportunity to become operator and title sponsor of the Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championships. I believe we have partnered well together raising the bar by which competitive inshore tournaments are evaluated. The time seems to have flown by and along the way we have learned a great deal about tournaments.

As the IGFA made a decision to cease tournament operations three years ago to focus on its core business concerning conservation of game fish and promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education, rule making and record keeping, we are faced today with a similar situation.

Florida Keys Outfitters is primarily a multifaceted business that operates a specialty destination fly shop, The Islamorada Sailfly, guide and travel related services along with the very unique Florida Keys Fly Fishing School. In order to provide the best possible service in our core components we intend to focus entirely on those elements in the future.

We have been blessed with the opportunity to have produced some thrilling and competitive tournaments bringing together the crème de la crème of inshore anglers and guides. We look forward to doing so again in July of 2011

See the exciting action and read the tournament wrap-up from the 2010 Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship.  


To The Anglers

Many of the Qualifying Anglers for the 2011 Florida Keys Outfitters/IGFA Inshore World Championship have completed their registrations and are excited about the upcoming tournament. I recognized many of the anglers names from tournaments or we have fought together for Everglades’ restoration and fishery issues or our boat wakes have crisscrossed in the Keys over these many years.

There were also many anglers I did not know so I thought it would be interesting to learn a little more and share their broad experiences with the worlds angling community.  

What I have learned is that we are gathering the crème de la crème of light tackle and fly anglers for some good times and high competition comes this July! We will truly see a champion’s championships. Please take a moment to meet them here.

Sandy Moret

Tournament Director